Worker Compensation Insurance

Worker compensation insurance is a safety system provided by the province in British Columbia they “worker’s comp” is now known as “Worksafe BC” and you can find them on the web at they have been set up to assist employees in many ways such as:

Ensuring a safer work environment by setting and enforcing standards for work environments,

Setting up an industrial accident board to investigate and review cases on behalf of both the employee and the company and then give suggestions of how to avoid a similar accident. For example:

If there is job accident at a factory accident or machine accident the worker comp insurance board will investigate it and also review the case and any injury claims that may be a result of the accident.

The workman comp insurance board will also deal with the worker’s disabilities if they were caused as a result of the job accident and give distribute the workman’s compensation benefits as they see fair.

If the employee is not happy with the decision of the worker compensation insurance findings then, in a perfect world the employee should have the opportunity to redress the judgment (s) of the workers compensation court but as you read in the media they are often left feeling that they have been wrongly treated and often quit trying to get their fair benefits because they don’t have the expertise of dealing with the worker’s comp lawyers or they have to focus on being able to live at a sub-standard and quality of life that they had before as well as dealing with the limitations of the workers disabilities.

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