Vancouver Divorce Lawyers

Choosing from all the Vancouver divorce lawyers inthe city is not as hard as it may seem. You simply need to pick the best divorceattorney with the best record and within your budget.

Many but not all will tell you that they are thebest but that just isn’t possible and you don’t have to be a math wizard tofigure that out. Not all lawyers are equal just by the fact that they are humanbeings and come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and levels of ability andexperience.

A few things to consider when you first start tocreate your list of attorneys:

Do they focus only (or mainly) on divorce? There area number of lawyers who also work as criminallawyers, immigrationlaw, taxlaw or even as personalinjury lawyers which is fine but do you want a lawyer who has a generalknowledge in many areas of law or one that is totally focused on just oneparticular kind of law?

What is their educational background? This is aquestion that is rarely asked but may be important to you for example how muchconfidence would you have in a lawyer who has a undergraduate degree in physicaleducation vs. the Vancouver divorce lawyers who have degrees in psychology or social work which is a fieldof study closer to your needs?

How much courtroom time do they have, are you theirfirst case in a courtroom in mediation fails to reach an amicable resolution.

Do they usually sort out the case before it gets totrial which would also save you money, time and stress or do they tend to focuson taking a case all the way to trail (usually costing you more money)?

These are things you must seriously consider whileyou’re looking for any Vancouver divorce lawyers to represent you during this hard time in your life…

Think about it…

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