Vancouver Criminal Lawyers

Vancouver criminal lawyers deal with all sorts of legal matters within the federal, provincial and civic offences which include impaired driving, drunk driving (dui), assault, robbery, car theft and many other crimes in fact too many to write!

The lawyers who practice this kind of law are either “prosecution” or “defense” counsel for people who have been accused of a crime and are in court to answer the charge or charges against them.

These trials can last a day or months, even years as an example the case of Robert William Pickton the man accused of being the worst serial killer in recent Canadian history who’s trail (including pre-trail) has been going on for over a year with no real end in sight.

Robert William Pickton has a number of criminal lawyers representing him for his defense team as does the prosecution and a number of law firms have some of their own criminal lawyers going to the trial to study, make notes and learn from the case.

One of your rights according to the Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms is to have access to legal counsel if accused of a crime. That is the law. There are a lot of law firms to choose from some large and some small but remember you need to feel confident in the lawyer or lawyers representing you.

If you’re looking for some local criminal lawyers, feel free to search the site and if you find a lawyer that you’re interested in contacting via email for more information simply fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page (forms help prevent spam/junk mail) and it will be sent to them directly.

The lawyer is not obliged to accept your case nor are you under no obligation to retain the lawyer.

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