Vancouver Civil Lawyers

Vancouver Civil lawyers specialize with and deal with legal actions and laws of a civil manner which is to say that they don’t usually do criminal or other types of law.

That being said, it does not mean that the Vancouver lawyers can’t act on the behalf of a person in that area of law though they may not have very much expertise in that particular area if any at all.

In laymen’s terms (our everyday English) though a doctor of dentistry may be a doctor you might not want him or her to do open heart surgery on you!

The same is true of Civil lawyers going to court on your behalf (and bank account) to represent you in a criminal trial or a personal injury trial against an insurance company that has 50 lawyers who do nothing but go to court everyday fighting personal injury cases and have done so for years!

While injury lawyers are in fact Vancouver lawyers, they've specialized in personal injury law.

Another example is would you rather have Civil lawyers working on your car’s brakes or would you want an experienced mechanic doing them?

It may sound strange but the differences are still the same because the Vancouver Civil lawyers may not know anything more about say criminal law or personal injury or brain injury law than the mechanic who is fixing your car’s brakes.

The bottom line in plain English is that you would be much better off using a lawyer that is specialized in the kind of law that you require them for or “using the right tool for the job” or task at hand.

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