US Consulate Vancouver Office

The US Consulate Vancouver office located Vancouvermay assist you in finding both American and Canadianlawyers to help you dealing with issues of business, immigrationlawyers, IRSlawyers, and may also be able to refer you to lawyers in Seattle orWashington state in general.

The Vancouver office also deals with American immigration, work visa applications, bordersecurity among other things.

For our southern cousins, the Vancouver office isalso a source of information and if need be a means to contact the Americangovernment or if business related issues that you are dealing with in Vancouver,a means to network resources with Canadian business and commerce including Vancouverlawyers and US lawyers and other professionals as well.

As of October 2, 2007 American citizens will also berequired to make appointments to conduct business appointments at the USConsulate Vancouver office however you may be able to get a lawyer referral overthe phone.

The Consulate Office is located inVancouver at 1075 W. Pender St. and you can call them at 604-685-4311. The Americancitizen services section of the consulate is open to the public Monday to Fridayfrom 8 AM – 12 Noon.

Keep in mind that the VancouverUS Consulate offices are closed for bothAmerican and Canadian federal holidays so check your calendar!

ConsulGeneral Lewis Lukens is in charge of the Vancouver US Consulateoffice.

Should you be an American and find yourself chargedwith a criminal offense, you may want to have your Vancouvercriminal lawyer contact the consulate’s Vancouver office which alsoconsults with Canadian security forces to ensure the integrity and security ofboth sovereign nations and they work together on issues of potential foreign anddomestic terrorism, smuggling, immigration and many other issues.

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