Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

The degree of traumatic brain injury recovery isdepends on the severity of the injury and as well as it does the person whosustained the injury and how it happened.

If there has been brain surgery performed then itwill usually increase the length of the recovery time. For example:

RecoveryFrom Brain Surgery:

Will take longer and involve more rehab and healingtime because the post operative (post-op) risks such as recovery post brain,hemmorage and other risks not including such issues as negative effects ofanesthetic reactions or other complications related to brain surgery have to betaken into consideration.


Low level traumatic brain injury such as aconcussion may result in just having a headache for a few days as part of therecovery process and may require minimal, if any therapy as part of the braininjury recovery process. But if a person receives additional concussions afterthe initial instance, it could result in a long term brain injury or permanentbrain damage.

If you have suffered a traumatic brain injury from awork place accident or car accident and have been sent a denial of coverage fromthe insurance company or worker’s compensation and believe that they should bepaying for your treatment and recovery as well as an injury settlement or awardyou should look into hiring a braininjury lawyer Vancouver law firm to ensure you get the best possibletreatment from them.

If required, a Vancouverbrain injury firm that has a traumaticbrain injury attorney on staff can fight to get you the attention you needto recover as much as possible from your brain injury.

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