Symptoms Of Chronic Pain

If you suspect that you have the symptoms of chronic pain you should visit a chronic pain clinic for diagnosis. These specialized clinics provide chronic neck pain treatment along with treatment for a host of other chronic pain disorders. A pain clinic can help you learn more about your condition like what it is and how it is treated.

What is the Definition of Chronic Pain?
The definition of chronic pain is defined by having chronic pain that does not ease within a three month time frame. Often it can be difficult to immediately determine what is causing a person to have chronic pain. This is because despite diagnosis no immediate injury of source of pain may be revealed. This can cause a delay in chronic neck pain treatment and treatment of many other chronic pain disorders.

What are the Symptoms of Chronic Pain?
If you believe you fall into the definition of chronic pain, you may be wondering what the common symptoms of chronic pain are. The initial symptoms of chronic pain may include pain that persists after an injury or illness, shooting pain, burning pain, aching pain or electrical sensations, along with discomfort soreness and stiffness. The symptoms of a pain condition can lead to complications such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, withdrawal, immune deficiency, stress and inability to function.

How is Chronic Pain Diagnosed?
When you have the symptoms of a pain condition you need to make an appointment with a chronic pain clinic so you can be evaluated. During your evaluation your chronic pain clinic will take a medical history and perform a physical exam. They will also perform neurological tests to look for any nervous system disorders or problems. In addition to that, they may order a mental health evaluation to assess any emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. When all of this is complete they will order diagnostic testing including blood work, x-rays, CAT scans, an MRI, an electromyogram, a nerve conduction study and an angiogram.

What are the Treatment Options for Chronic Pain?
Once the chronic pain clinic determines that you do indeed have a chronic pain condition they will begin treatment. Medication is almost always part of a treatment regimen for chronic pain. Along with the medication your doctor might recommend a number of other treatment methods.

These treatment methods may include physical therapy, massage, surgery, acupuncture, counseling, hot/cold compresses, traction, immobilization, rest and lifestyle changes. Most doctors will use a variety of treatment methods and medications in conjunction with one another.

Symptoms of chronic pain can be difficult to deal with and they can also be extremely overwhelming. That is why it is essential to seek the services of a qualified doctor at a chronic pain clinic. With the right care and the correct chronic pain treatment methods it is entirely possible to live a normal life with your condition. It may not happen overnight, but it is important to keep a positive attitude and remember that effective treatment is available.

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