Rear Ended Car Accident

Rear ended in a car accident? Chances are that thishas happened to the majority of drivers involved in British Columbia car accidents which is why there are a large number of personalinjury lawyers in Vancouver who specialize in injuryto the back neckand other spinaltrauma including traumaticbrain injury and muscular damage (soft tissue) injury like whiplash.

Generally speaking, Vancouver drivers don’t have avery good safety record. They run red lights and stop signs on a regular basisand that doesn’t include crosswalks with people in them!

If you drive a lot in Vancouver, you will eventuallyget rear ended by another driver and hopefully it won’t be serious enough thatyou suffer whiplash.

In the more extreme cases, people have suffered veryserious injuryto the back and neck and have had to endure not only the pain of the injuryof being rear ended but also dealing with the insurance company.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)who tend to, more often than not to take an extreme adversarial position to thedegree that they almost force the injured persons to hire a personalinjury lawyer / vehicle accident lawyer just to force them to be fair andreasonable.

Chances are if you’re read ended in a car accidentand suffer a back, neckinjury or worse that cause you to have some backinjury symptoms you may need to have some backpain medicine, backpain treatments, backpain therapy and back rehab.

And if the backpain cause (or other injury symptoms) is related to being rear ended in a British Columbia car accident, you’ll still have to prove that you were / are not at fault!

In the more serious cases, you may suffer a spinalcord injury or a permanentback injury like a traumaticbrain injury in which case the braindamage recovery from being rear ended may not be as successful as you mayhope.

All the time that this is going on and you’retrying to get better and back to the “old you” and your recovery goes on andon and your expenses like chiropractorbills, physiotherapy, and other rehab costs keep adding more stress onto youand your family, especially if the insurance company has sent you a “denial ofclaim” letter or is telling you that you have to pay the bills and then submitor sue them for the money back!

More often than not, if you are in a BritishColumbia car accident and are rear ended, the other driver (the one who hit you)is usually at fault not you!

A goodpersonal injury lawyer will help you by dealing with the insurancecompany and making sure that if they try any little tricks or unreasonabletactics will be stopped beforethey even begin!

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