Migraine Pain Relief

Migraine pain relief may seem like a novel concept when you are in the midst of a killer headache. Most people with migraines have tried each and every over the counter chronic headache relief remedy that is sold.

The fact is, when you are dealing with chronic pain from migraines you need to seek treatment from a medical professional. There are a number of chronic pain medications for migraines that work, along with a host of alternative treatments.

If you are dealing with chronic pain from migraines it is important that you know there are different types of headaches. The symptoms of a migraine may include sensitivity to light, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, hot/cold sensations, dizziness, fatigue and bright lights or dots in your visual field.

The pain from a migraine is a moderate to severe pounding or throbbing sensation that covers your entire head or switches back and forth from one side to the other.

The goal in migraine pain relief is generally to stop the migraine before it starts. This is called abortive therapy. If you are prescribed an abortive therapy medication your doctor will instruct you to take your medication when you sense a headache is about to occur.

Chronic pain medications that are used in abortive therapy would include:

  • Imitrex,
  • Zomig,
  • Relpax,
  • Amerge,
  • Naramig,
  • Maxalt,
  • Frova and,
  • Axert.

If one of those drugs does not provide you migraine pain relief your doctor may prescribe

  • Cafergot,
  • Midrin or
  • Migranal.

If you are experiencing migraines more frequently than once each week your doctor may want to use the preventative care treatment method. This would help reduce the pain and frequency of your migraines.

There are a number of different medications your doctor may prescribe during preventative treatment.

Chronic pain medications used in preventative treatment would include:

  • Inderal,
  • Covera,
  • Elavil,
  • Pamelor,
  • Neurotin,
  • Depakote,
  • Topamax,
  • Benadryl and,
  • Periactin.

Dealing with chronic pain from headaches can be debilitating but there are a number of lifestyle changes you can make that may help. First and foremost, quit smoking and eat a healthy diet. Nicotine and a number of other food and chemical substances can cause headaches to occur. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep and relaxation time. Additionally, make sure that you reduce your physical and emotional stress.

When it comes to migraine pain relief, medications are not the only thing that can provide relief. If you are looking for a less conventional way of relieving your headaches you can try a chronic headache pain relief remedy.

There are many different alternative methods used for relieving headaches that people find quite effective. Some of those methods would include acupuncture, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and topical analgesics.

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Getting rid of your migraines is not an overnight process and often there is no one simple solution. You may have to seek medical intervention, make lifestyle changes and utilize alternative therapies to manage your pain effectively.

The important thing to remember is that migraine pain relief is possible, it is just a matter of finding the treatment or combination of treatments that works for you.

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