The Journal American Medical Association

The Journal American Medical Association puts out apublication that shares the medical research by some of the world’s leadingdoctors on all areas of medicine including topics such as:

The AMA journal is highly regarded in medicine andmany other fields that refer to the AMA’s research.

The Journal American Medical Association is alsoread by personalinjury lawyers, many of whom specialize and become a legal expert into theirpreferred areas of practice such as:

Many of these expert personalinjury lawyers quote or refer to this research in the more high profile orchallenging cases and most of the courts in North America recognize this journal as expert knowledge.

The bestinjury lawyers will also contact the authors of the articles that arepublished by the journal American medical association (AMA journal) and hirethem to provide a report on their client which they will usually do this and useit to strengthen their / your case when the insurance company lawyer orworker’s compensation board lawyer uses the “denied insurance claim” or“denial of claim” tactic against you and your insurance claim. [Both ICBCand other insurance companies and worksafebc are famous for using this tactic]

This research and expert report is very hard for adenied insurance claim lawyer to beat or even lessen the severity or yourinsurance claim’s standings.

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