Insurance Company Settlement Strategy

Dealing with an insurance company settlement strategy

If you’ve been in a car/truck accident and been the car accident victim, and had to submit a personal injury insurance settlement claim or had to file a disability insurance claim with your group long term care insurance or individual disability insurance policy and had to deal with an insurance adjuster or claims adjuster, then you know the stress and run around that many people face each and every day.

This is an example of why you may need to hire a Vancouver lawyer to represent you, or depending on your situation you may want to hire a:

  • Vancouver attorney

  • Vancouver car/truck accident lawyer

  • Vancouver personal injury lawyer

  • Brain injury lawyer Vancouver specialist or a

  • Disability insurance attorney

  • Vancouver disability law firm

Each Vancouver lawyer or Vancouver law firm will have a specialty area of practice and skill in dealing with the reported insurance company settlement strategy below.

CNN investigative reporters revealed compelling evidence against major insurance companies, on February 7, 2007. State Farm and Allstate in particular however this strategy in now being seen being used by many more companies including ICBC and others.

It’s not limited to just to Canada. Disability insurance which may also includes personal injury claims too:

  • Disability insurance claim (by disability insurance companies)

  • Group long term care insurance

  • Individual disability insurance

  • Long term disability income insurance

  • Company disability insurance short term

  • Permanent partial disability

  • Partial disability

  • Medical disability insurance

  • Professional disability insurance, and

  • Car accident injury claims

The Insurance Company Settlement Strategy

This is how they are dealing with car accident settlements and other claims by offering car accident victims / disability claimants much less than their accident injury / disability claim is worth and saving themselves hundreds of millions a year at the cost and suffering of injured car accident victims of bad car accidents and those who’ve had to claim disability.

You get hurt in a car accident insurance claim or have to submit a disability claim and expect a car accident settlement or disability payment (s) (after all that is what you buy disability insurance and car accident insurance for) what you don’t know is that the firm you bought the policy from will most likely use what is termed “The 3 D’s” in a attempt to not have to pay you any money:

  • Deny the claim

  • Delay the claim

  • Defend their denial of the claim

And in the case of a disability claim, they use an additional “D” “Down play the critical time limits”

Their Claim Settlement Tactics:

When faced with having to pay a car accident settlement, injury lawsuit or a disability claim that is for the most part “soft tissue” injury based, they will try to force you to accept their low offer.

These insurance companies do this in hopes of forcing you to accept their offer and walk away. Here is how it usually plays out except for the case of those who get a car accident lawyer…

The First “D”

They deny that you were hurt or disabled and advise you that this is their final offer so take.

The Second “D”

They will take their time making you wait while sometimes to the degree that bill collectors are calling you daily and your rent or mortgage is seriously late, your credit rating affected and what is really going on is that your resources are being drained as is your ability to fight them.

Classically it is called a siege mentality and they are trying to starve you out and into accepting their offer as a last resort.

Anyone who has had to deal with an ICBC claim / personal injury claim against ICBC has experienced this tactic.

This insurance company settlement strategy can (and also is used against travel, disability, short term / long term insurance policy holders as well.

The Third “D”
Defend the denial of your claim. They also know that:

  • They are well financed by others who buy insurance policies and in some cases are crown corporations (ICBC) so the can drag out the issue for years if they want,

  • You probably can’t afford to start your own disability or car accident lawsuit against them,

  • This tactic has worked in most of the recent car accidents and disability claims they’ve dealt with in recent years,

  • You don’t have any expertise with insurance settlements or claims and they do, and

  • You probably won’t get a car accident lawyer to deal with the car accident lawsuit just to get another few thousand dollars

  • You aren’t aware of time limit restrictions or even how to file court document properly while their lawyers do it day in and day out.

This insurance company settlement strategy has been around and used for years, it also forces smaller, less financed Vancouver accident attorneys to reject many accident lawsuits because they can’t afford to carry the costs of the car accident victim.

Vancouver personal injury lawyer, disability law firm and Disability insurance lawyers out of the insurance industry leaving the insurance companies without any resistance so they can:

  • Do what they like,

  • When they like and

  • To who they like.

This is why you need a good Vancouver injury lawyer / injury law firm or Vancouver disability law firm with a seasoned disability insurance attorney to fight for you if you want to get what you deserve in a car accident settlement and fight for you in court.

A car accident lawyer or car accident attorney will get you what you deserve!

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Source: Insurance companies fight paying billions in claims, published 02/07/07 on Anderson Cooper 360 Blog.