ICBC Claims And Settlement

ICBC (Insurance Corporation Of British Columbia) is the provincial auto insurance company for British Columbia and the insurance company that you will have to fight to get a fair injury claim settlement for your injury claim.

Vancouver attorneys and Victoria personal injury lawyers like pretty much any other British Columbia injury lawyer are used to the usual insurance company settlement strategy that is used by the various disability claim and personal injury claim insurance companies and their adjusters use to pay you a injury settlement that is a lot less than your auto accident settlement claim is actually worth.

Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer
A good British Columbia injury lawyer will quickly cut through the red tape and bring in the medical experts needed to counter any of the tactics used to try and stall your injury claim and spin the car accident facts in their favour hoping you will just walk away from your ICBC injury claim in frustration or accept their lower settlement offer.

Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia has endless resources to fight you in the courts and will try to delay your injury claim well before it even gets to court.

They begin by trying to have you give a oral auto accident report over the phone which they’ll usually ask you “what happened?” and though they may seem very friendly and kind to you they may actually be recording the phone call that they can use later to fight you by twisting your account of the car accident into their favour.

Vancouver Attorneys and Lawyers
When Vancouver attorneys and Vancouver lawyers get involved the value of your injury claim almost always goes up in value because they know that it will be harder to win against a good Vancouver personal injury lawyer.

Finding a Vancouver Injury Lawyer
Vancouver yellow pages can be a good place to start your search but it is still very much a hit and miss situation in terms of finding a good lawyer that has your best interests at heart and the skill to fight for you and win against ICBC or and injury or disability insurance company for that matter.

Bottom Line
If you’re a Vancouver car accident victim that has suffered injuries such as:

  1. Spinal cord injury
  2. Back injury
  3. Permanent neck injury
  4. Neck injury
  5. Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  6. Disability facts
  7. Car accident facts
  8. Whiplash neck injury or,
  9. Lost a loved one from a fatal car accident

You should contact a Vancouver injury lawyer to review your case. If you live out of Vancouver, Surrey or Victoria for example you may want to hire a Surrey lawyer or one of the many good Victoria personal injury lawyers but that’s your choice too.

Just remember that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia does not work in your best interest when it comes to your auto accident settlement or personal injury claim.

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