History of Vancouver Lawyers

The history of Vancouver lawyers and in reality the legal profession dates back centuries almost to the beginning of civilization to a time where it was not the lawyer who settled disputes but the local village or city religious high priest or other elder who would hear the complaints and differences of the people and attempt to settle any disputes that arose among them.

This history of lawyers grew into a civil professional class of person who would represent the people (parties) who were in dispute over an issue where one person or party would make a claim against another person or party in return they would get paid for their services.

The history of lawyers has grown over the centuries and during the history of Vancouver lawyers we have also seen both the positive and negative side of these people and just like any other human being, the facts about lawyers are simply that there are good ones and not so good lawyers.


Some facts about lawyers shows this and there have also been those that have been disbarred for their questionable actions which may have been criminal or administrative actions that lead to them becoming disbarred lawyers.

Part of the history of lawyers that should be forgotten is that they do have to spend a lot of time perfecting their craft and staying current with the changes in the legal community and the law itself.  You just have to look at the current legal system and then look back into the history of laws to see the vast changes that have happened over the hundreds, even thousands of years.

It has been said that the history of lawyers dates back to Middle East before Christianity to the region of what is now known as Iraq and Iran where the traders and mariners had a system of laws that were brought with them, along the trade routes that eventually made their way to Rome and the roman empire then carried throughout the known world at that time.

So, you can see that the history of Vancouver lawyers is quite long and has many, many critical points of impact in our world today. It could be said that the history of Vancouver lawyers goes hand in hand with the history of commerce.

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