Help With Chronic Pain

If you are looking for help with chronic pain there are many resources at your disposal. Chronic pain medications and therapies both alternative and conventional can be very beneficial.

Many people are able to develop an adequate pain management program with their family doctor. However, pain clinics are another excellent resource for you when you need treatment for a chronic pain condition.

Pain clinics offer you a variety of options for treatment when you are looking for help with chronic pain conditions. Chronic pain medications are usually the first line of defense when it comes to pain management.

However, these medications will be combined with therapies to treat your chronic pain. Many pain clinics will recommend that you participate in physical therapy and counseling.

There are a number of different medicines that are prescribed for chronic pain conditions. Pain treatment usually begins with your doctor recommending an over the counter pain reliever. Your doctor will suggest you take a NSAID like ibuprofen or an acetaminophen like Tylenol.

If these do not work to effectively relieve your pain your doctor will prescribe you one of the many chronic pain medications available.

When you are looking for help with chronic pain you may be prescribed an antidepressant or an anticonvulsant. These medications work in a very similar fashion, they both effect the brains neurotransmitters or messaging system. When you take one of these medications they block the pain signals in your brain. This is very a effective method of pain relief.

Two antidepressants that are used for pain relief would be Amitriptyline and Cymbalta. There are several anticonvulsants that are used for pain relief. The chronic pain medication that is prescribed depends solely on the cause of your chronic pain.

There are several other chronic pain medications your doctor may prescribe you. A corticosteroid like Prednisone can provide much relief for chronic pain because it reduces inflammation and acts as a pain reliever. Opiod analgesics are often prescribed for pain relief along with other chronic pain medications. These are not recommended for daily use because they can be addictive.

Generally your doctor will prescribe them for episodes of moderate to severe pain. The most commonly prescribed opiod analgesics would include morphine, oxycodone and hydrocodone.

Physical therapy is an important part of the puzzle when you are seeking help with chronic pain. Physical therapy can take place in your home or in a doctor's office. The role of physical therapy in your recovery is vital. Physical therapy will help improve your mobility and function along with preventing further disability. This is achieved through guided exercise and a variety of more sophisticated therapies.

Dealing with chronic pain can take a toll on your mental and emotional well-being. Many people who are seeking help with chronic pain are also dealing with depression, anxiety and frustration. This is why counseling sessions are recommended when you have a chronic pain condition.

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Recovery from chronic pain requires a mind and body approach. If you follow your doctors advice and focus on yourself as a whole you will achieve relief sooner than later.

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