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Everyday people seek medical advice in an attempt to achieve foot pain relief. The fact is, in the United States alone close to three fourths of the population will experience some form of chronic foot pain during their lifetime.

Foot pain can be caused by a number of different things because of that it also treated using a variety of different methods. The human foot is very complex and it is responsible for a number of different functions, this makes it vulnerable to a variety of problems.

To understand why you have foot pain and how foot pain relief is achieved you must first understand how the foot works. The structure of your foot is made up of an astounding 26 bones, 33 joints and an amazing 120 ligaments, muscles and nerves. These components allow your foot to support weight, absorb shock, maintain balance and move your leg forward using a lever motion.

Despite the fact that your foot is an amazingly intricate structure, it is still very small in comparison with the rest of your body. Each and every step you take means that an immense amount of force is being applied to your feet.

In fact, the force of each step is about 50 percent greater than your body weight. On an average day your feet withstand several hundred tons of force being applied to them. It is no wonder so many people seek relief for chronic pain in their feet.

The type of foot pain relief you need depends largely on the type of foot problem you’re experiencing. In most cases, foot pain starts in the toes, forefoot or the hindfoot. The place your foot pain starts can often help you determine what is causing it.

If your foot pain started in your toes your problem is most likely being caused by your shoes not fitting properly. However, if your pain started in your forefoot or hindfoot you may have a more complex problem to diagnose.

When you have pain that started in the forefoot it is caused by either your metatarsal bones or sesamoid bones. The metatarsal bones are the five long bones that go from your foot arch to your toes. Your sesamoid bones are the two smaller bones that are located at the top of your metatarsal bones and that connect to your big toe.

Hindfoot pain encompasses pain in the heal and pain that spreads from the heal across the sole. If you have foot pain of the hind or fore foot it can be attributed to improperly fitting shoes, a medical condition or high impact exercise.

Relief for chronic pain of the foot involves a number of different treatments and in some rare cases chronic pain medication. If you do not experience foot pain relief from corrective treatment, then your doctor will usually prescribe chronic pain medication.

Corrective treatment for your foot pain may involve orthotics, surgery, physical therapy, topical ointments or creams, hot/cold compresses and corrective shoes along with a variety of other therapies.

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