Different kinds of Vancouver lawyers

There are many different kinds of Vancouver lawyers all of whom have gone to university and studied the basics of law and passed and then accepted to the local, regional, and national BAR Association. There are a few different definitions of “BAR” one is that it stands for Barristers & Advocates Registry while another definition is British Advocates Registry. Either way, it is an association that the lawyer must be a member of to work as a lawyer in the US and the British Commonwealth.


Here is a basic list of some of the different kinds of lawyers:

Criminal lawyers

some of the different kinds of Vancouver lawyers are lawyers that specialize in criminal cases which are also known as federal or felony charges and can also be criminal defense lawyers defending the person charged with a crime or crimes.

Civil lawyers

Civil lawyers specialize with and deal with legal actions and laws of a civil manner which is to say that they don’t usually do criminal or other types of law. That being said, it does not mean that the civil lawyer can’t act on the behalf of a person in that area of law though they may not have very much expertise in that particular area if any at all.

Personal injury lawyer

A personal injury lawyer is a lawyer that specializes in personal injury claims that deal specifically with different kinds of personal injury lawsuits and cases such as spinal cord, brain and other kinds of head injuries, and for the most part they are caused by car accidents, truck accidents, work place or construction accidents as well as other kinds of situations that have caused injury.

Though there are many different kinds of lawyers, these are the general areas that most people tend to deal with most often. 

Below is a list of other different kinds of Vancouver lawyers for your information:

Family court lawyers

Immigration lawyers

Tax lawyers

Insurance lawyers

Real estate lawyers

Divorce lawyers

Court appointed lawyers

Injury lawyers

Employment lawyers

Environmental lawyers

Music industry lawyers

Entertainment lawyers

Copyright lawyers

Commercial real estate lawyers

Worker’s compensation lawyers

Military lawyers

Disability lawyers

Denial of claim lawyers

Estate lawyers

Brain injury lawyers

Truck accident lawyers

Motorcycle accident lawyers

Car accident lawyers 

I think you'd agree that there truly are many different kinds of lawyers! In fact there are as many different kinds of Vancouver lawyers as there is different kinds of law...

Here is something that the injury and disability insurance companies would prefer you didn’t know about when it comes to your injury claims and disability claims (both short term disability and long term disability)and why you should think about getting a Vancouver lawyer or Vancouver attorneys on your side.

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