A Debt Counseling Agency, Really Helpful?

Is a debt counseling agency really helpful or does it just prolongyour debt? And what is the difference between this and debt consolidation? Theseare questions that can be easily answered by a good Vancouverbankruptcy lawyer or even a Vancouverincome tax lawyer.

Specialistswho give advice dealing with your debt should be a certified expert in thisfield because the reality is that if you can’t control your debt ratio,(personal or business/corporate) then you may eventually find yourself unable topay any of the debt back and…

Findyourself being contacted by the Revenue Canada income tax department andscrambling to find tax lien information because you haven’t been able to getany tax lien help and have to spend more money hiring tax lawyers becauseyou’re in tax foreclosure and the vicious cycle continues.

A goodVancouver debt counseling agency will help you organize your debts and spendingso that you can try to get a hold on your financial health and may be able torefer you to a good Canadiantax lawyer and possibly a IRSdebt tax attorney depending on yours specific situation and needswhich could include tax filing tips,  .

They mayalso be able to assist you in your accounting whether it’s personal orbusiness financial health you may want to get some accounting software of yourown. There are many programs for you to choose from such as quicken turbo tax (also “quick tax” or “tax turbo”) another is intuit tax software.

I wouldencourage you to compare tax software and by doing this tax software comparisonyou’ll be able to find the best fit for your own or you company’s accountingneeds, a debt counseling agency can also suggest their choice of the best incometax software after reviewing your situation.

Thecontroversial opinions about debt consolidation agencies is that they may notactually help you get control of your debts but rather negotiate lower paymentsover a longer period of time while still paying interest which in the end, mayend up costing you more money in interest on top of the actual amount owed thanwould have been paid in the first place.

You might want to contact a tax lawyer (taxattorney) about this as they may be able to also help you by negotiating a debtsettlement option in addition to referring you to a debt counseling agency.

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