Chronic Neck Pain

If you have chronic neck pain you need to seek treatment from a qualified specialist. There is no reason for you to be living with chronic pain any longer. There are a number of different therapies used when treating chronic pain and many have been proven effective for individuals who have neck pain.

Chronic pain treatment for neck pain involves the use of both medication and alternative therapies. If your pain lasts for several weeks or longer it is considered to be chronic and it requires professional treatment. Some of the alternative therapies that your treatment plan may include would be physical therapy, traction and surgery.

When you visit a doctor to address your chronic neck pain they will begin your pain management program by prescribing or recommending medication. Pain medications used in chronic pain treatment may be over the counter, prescription or given in injections at your doctors office. Pain medication can make living with chronic pain much easier, but it is only the first step in your treatment process.

When you are suffering from chronic neck pain physical therapy is an important part of your pain management program. During physical therapy you will do guided neck stretches and exercises.

These activities will help improve your muscle function by increasing the stamina and strength of the neck muscles over a period of time. When the function of your neck is improved through physical therapy it also helps reduce your pain level.

It would not be uncommon for your doctor to order short-term immobilization and or traction during your chronic pain treatment. Traction can be quite effective for neck pain because it can provide fast relief.

During traction weights and pulleys are used to carefully stretch your neck. Short-term immobilization using a soft collar works in a similar fashion because it keeps your neck supported and relieves some of the pressure that may be causing your pain.

It would not be very common for your doctor to recommend surgery for your neck pain. However, if you having been living with chronic pain for an extended period of time and you have exhausted all of the other options for therapy without achieving relief they may consider it. Surgery is most often used in treating chronic pain that is caused by nerve root or spinal cord compression.

As with any form of chronic pain treatment there are many alternative treatments that can be helpful. Most people who are living with chronic neck pain find that acupuncture and massage are quite effective at alleviating some of their pain. However, these therapies should always be performed by qualified professionals and in conjunction with your physician recommended treatment program.

Although chronic neck pain isn’t life threatening, it can be life altering. It is essential to your health and well-being that you seek professional help if you have been living with chronic pain for an extended period of time.

With treatment and medication you may see a significant improvement in the way you feel sooner than you think and in no time at all your pain could be a distant memory.

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