BC Family Law

BC family law covers legal issues that among other things deals with the core family but it also includes divorce, child custody, support payments as well as alimony to name a few.

A large number of provincial lawyers specialize in this area of law because it is so vast that there are only a select few who would have the capacity, experience and time to thoroughly know all of these areas with a high competence to be able to represent people in all these areas of law.

For example, divorce lawyers tend to deal solely with divorce law and practice divorce law their entire career simply because there are so many issues within that one area that can change quickly based on new challenges to the courts or a judge’s ruling not to mention government changing the provincial family laws.

Another example is child custody, the courts, the parents and the lawyers on all sides should have the child’s best interest as the prime issues, unfortunately this is not always the case in child custody court battles and therefore it is the task of the provincial family law courts to hear all the facts and decide what is best for the child especially if it is situation where the parents are at difference or not competent to raise and care for the child in which case the provincial family law courts may decide to make the child a ward of the courts if it best fits the needs of the child.

The provincial family laws are not perfect but, they do the best they can to do justice to all involved.

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