Bad Car Accidents In Vancouver

Bad car accidents in Vancouver are never a good thing but with a good Vancouver personal injury car accident attorney in Vancouver to represent you in your personal injury insurance settlements dealing with injury insurance companies such as:

  • ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia)
  • All State (Allstate)
  • Geico insurance
  • State Farm
  • TD/Canada Trust
  • ING Insurance
  • United American Insurance
  • Erie Insurance Group

Car Accident Injury:

If you’re in Vancouver and involved in a serious accident, you may have numerous injuries to the car accident victim (both bone and soft tissue injury) that may include injuries such as:

  • whiplash neck injury
  • torn tendons
  • reactive depression
  • permanent neck injury
  • brain stem injury and,
  • spinal cord injury

Unfortunately some are even fatal car accidents which may require you to file a wrongful death lawsuit as part of your bad car accident injury settlement claim

Many Vancouver area teen car accidents involve speeding, drunk driving car accidents and some are also caused by distractions such as cell phones. Teenage car accidents are usually the saddest because they tend to affect the car accident victim emotionally for the rest of their lives.

Vancouver Car Accident Injury Settlement

Part of the process that a good Vancouver personal injury lawyer / attorney will do is representing you to get you the best and fair injury settlement possible from the insurance company (usually ICBC0. It may not matter if you’re seeking an injury settlement dealing with a bad car accident the injury lawyer will file a car accident lawsuit in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster or wherever the accident happened and part of that process is to see if a injury settlement can be reached before going to trial for your:

  • back injury settlement
  • whiplash settlement
  • permanent neck injury
  • brain stem injury or a
  • spinal cord injury

In the case of Vancouver teen car accidents, many people and insurance companies tend to settle the Vancouver injury claim through a personal injury structured settlement which is like an allowance where there is some of the injury settlement money released up front and then released at different stages over time and usually a final balloon payment at a certain age.

This may also be done to help structure the Vancouver car accident victim who had a personal injury insurance settlement and wants to do a structured settlement strategy for other reasons such as taxes and so on.

Keep in mind that car insurance companies have a set settlement strategy to try and pay you as little as possible (even zero if possible) but, a good Vancouver personal injury lawyer or Vancouver injury attorney can help you get a fair injury settlement from your bad car accident.

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